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Although Love is a primary essence of human living, it has always been a difficult subject to study. Scholars and researchers up to modern times have generally held that Love is a much too subjective experience to be the target of serious scientific scrutiny. The author challenges this tradition by taking the reader on an excursion of Love like no other ever attempted...subjecting Love to a totally new rigorous analysis to see if Love is "just" another subjective-emotional "interpretation" of experience by us humans- or does Love qualify as a "more objective" and scientifically valid phenomenon? If so, how could such scientific validity be demonstrated? Can Love stand up to the approaches that our scientific methods afford us as we penetrate deeper and deeper into the nature of our Universe?

Love as a "technology" was first proposed by sociology Professor Pitirim Sorokin of Harvard in the 1950's, but it is generally accepted that he failed to define Love as such and never completed a "scientific" foundation for the subject. This book is a major step in completing the work that he started...In fact, it surely goes beyond what Sorokin or more recent scholars have anticipated for Love...defining Love's "components" and how they can be applied in daily living, and offering Love's first scientific foundation in the process. The author also offers a new love-derived understanding of Justice- which is a clue that a long-sought-for integration of human knowledge and experience may be imminent...although most all of us including modern academia have long ago abandoned such dreams...except for the very few such as Donald E. Brown, author of Human Universals, and Edward O. Wilson, author of Sociobiology and Consilience.

This is the first Volume of a planned two-Volume project.

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