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PRESS RELEASE - 21 Aug 2005




Delta, CO, USA:

���� A major new study of one of Peirce�s favorite subjects, Love, is now available: The Technology of Love by Charles E. Hansen.This book, the first of a two-volume project, is audacious in offering a solution to some of the unfinished work of Charles S. Peirce, the founder of �pragmatism� and perhaps America�s greatest philosopher.Hansen, who began his study of Love while a doctoral student at George Washington University in the 1970s, offers the first formal �working� or pragmatic definition of Love applicable to the entirety of daily living; and buttresses it with a breakthrough argument that Love is a scientific reality of our Universe that is here to stay along the lines of Peirce�s ultimate contention: the fundamental ingredients of our Reality he held to be tychism, synechism, and agapism � roughly chance-spontaneity, continuity and �evolutionary love.�

���� Peirce left us intriguing hints of Love�s scientific supremacy; and near his death he stated that he "had in his head a book" in which he would logically address some of the most fundamental issues of nature, of the laws of the universe, and how "I propose to show just what 'free will' really consists in and how it acts."He suggested that his proof would be "surprisingly simple"; and that it would impact every department of human knowledge and penetrate even into religion, not as concerns faith, but as concerns logical conviction, to use his terms and his italics.But spurned by academia, ill, and financially unsupported in his later years, he could only write, "I tell you the plain truth I know I have thought[s] that would be of great use to the world and that nobody is likely for a very long time to reach the same truths; and yet owing to my obscurity and lack of information I had better seek the tomb as quietly as possible."

���� In proposing a completion to Peirce�s mysterious �unfinished book,� the author offers remarkably penetrating interpretations of David Hume, Adam Smith, Sigmund Freud, and others � including Jesus to make the case that the ingredients that ultimately form the experience of Love are the same fundamental ingredients of constructive social-economic interaction in general.Hansen also demonstrates that Love has scientific foundations in both physics and biology that will shock even the staunchest of sociobiologists � and of considerable significance to readers secular or religious, Hansen offers the first scientific based definition of Justice as a derivative of Love much as Hume suggested.

���� While this book is a thick read (500+ text pages), there is no part of the book that does not offer new insights and a new clarity of our human condition that will surely impact the reader�s daily living as well as the major departments of human knowledge as Peirce held; nevertheless, it provides such a simple understanding of Love that even a child can now grasp the key ingredients of �how Love works�.


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